Outdoor Event / Carnival / Bazaar

We love outdoor events, as evident that the majority of our events are designed for outdoor activities. WIth years of experience in event planning, we focus our outdoor events into areas of Carnival, Bazaar or Entertainment related. Contact us directly if you need customized outdoor event solutions in Johor Bahru or Singapore. We will work towards tailoring our events to match your specific needs.

2020 – Present
• Johor Jaya CNY Bazaar

• Johor Jaya CNY Bazaar ft. Sultan Johor
• Senai CNY Bazaar
• BASF Family Day Running Event
• Columbia Asia Hospital Anniversary
• Splashing Neon
• Somersby Cider Roving Team & Roadshow
• Southern Gate Music Festival 2019
• Sunway Big Box Roving Team & Roadshow
• Oppo Reno Festive Run

• Splashing Neon
• Anak Anak Malaysia by Ecoworld

• Splashing Neon
• October Music Festival

• Light Sensation
• Slide The City (Penang, JB, Melaka, KL)
• Splashing Neon

• Splashing Neon

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